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Warranty on Equipment

Warranty: Special Terms for Hospitals and NHS

Warranty is one of those things that seems to not really matter much... that is, until you have any issues with your communications system. With other solutions from other suppliers (usually 'middle men') you will find that warranty length is typically two years. However, warranty on a paging system IS important to have - the longer the better as it could reduce operating coats of the overall solution.

Operating costs are reduced in two ways. Firstly that extra year of manufacturers defect warranty could save you lots of real money. But also because we have just a 0.3% failure rate on our equipment through manufacturers defects you will replace less products on an on going basis - something that really matters in hospitals and healthcare.

In fact savings compared to other systems can be 60% year on year for operating costs!



Our warranty is for THREE YEARS against manufacturing defects on al of the LRS products we supply from here at LRS UK.

And there is more great news. In fact you can extend your warranty for up to three years if you take out a maintenance agreement with us. Details are included on every system when we deliver it to you and its a simple matter to fill out the form (within 14 days of the purchase) and send it back to us to register for this extended warranty. Certain terms apply, but nothing that would be unreasonable for ongoing support. And remember that our extended warranty of three years is completely free to you - there's nothing that you would not like! Other companies offer a measly one year warranty or if you buy cheap Chinese products you likely won't get a warranty, or you will be sending the faulty products back to China - at your expense! That type of warranty is useless.


Free Trial

We supply the NHS and other hospitals and healthcare establishments in the UK all the time; but did you know we can offer up to a 14 day free trial so that you can check the equipment out on your site? And with all the features, the warranty, the great support and more we just know you're going to like our systems.

For other information about our warranty or products simply call 01782 537000 or use our online form.