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Patient Paging System

Complete CS6 system

Patient Pager System

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The patient paging system shown on the left has a list price of over £900.00 plus VAT at retail pricing. However we are currently supplying this solution with a 3 year warranty  for just £399.00 plus VAT and shipping.


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We accept NHS and Healthcare P/O's

This patient paging solution makes all other patient paging systems obsolete overnight. We developed this brand new technology to leapfrog over older technology and to reduce the price of patient recall systems to an affordable price. This system can page up to 999 pagers, it comes complete with power supplies, chargers 10 x CS6 brand new technology patient pagers and we even include a three year warranty! Buy two of these systems for the price of one from other companies.

All equipment is CE and RoHS compliant and operates on frequencies allocated for the UK by OFCOM so that these systems are completely safe in any healthcare environment. This is not a cut down system in any way and has at least a half mile range in open air. If you need further range we have signal boost repeaters or other transmitters available that can cover some of the largest sites here in the United Kingdom.


LRS is a manufacturer and developer of paging solutions for the world - when you buy from us you are buying direct from the maker - cutting out the 'middle man'; its one reason why we will beat any distributors price with these solutions right here in the UK - just supply a copy of their quotation and we will supply the newest digital products with a better warranty and a better price. But please understand that we do not compete with low quality Chinese made pagers that are completely illegal in the UK and can be dangerous to use in any environment. It's that simple.

Trust LRS UK to supply only genuine high quality pagers and transmitters with quality power supplies that are made to all current European standards that apply to the UK.. Be safe, not sorry!