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Our sitemap page shows the pages available with subjects of some of what we sell, warranty information and other useful information.

If you need more answers to questions then the first place to start is our frequently asked questions page where you will find many answers to questions that many hospitals and healthcare organisations ask.

An interesting section is the page we have regarding statistical information about the NHS regarding the use of paging systems and patient pagers and how much budget they can save by using these systems and solutions. While the report is not new, little has changed about the need for good communications and the ability to improve patient experience so we think this document is entirely relevant today.

Our special offer page allows you to purchase a complete patient paging system at half the true cost of other systems - buy two and equip the hospital with the leading paging patient recall systems in the world today.

Warranty is always an emotive subject. Here at LRS we offer a three year warranty on all products we make against manufacturing defects - and on some of these systems if you need replacements they too are half the price of competitors.

Whatever you're looking for, remember that our main website might well give you other ideas about some of the solutions we sell and support. Because this website is purely for healthcare we do limit it to products for this sector. However our other websites are far more open to show most of the products and services we sell and support.

Lastly, thanks for visiting this website. We have worked hard to try and show you what is most pertinent for your sector of work. 

Other pages shown show specific products and solutions designed for hospital and healthcare use.