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New PatientCall Paging with Acknowledgement Mode

Patient Paging Systems for Hospitals & Healthcare

Used in Healthcare throughout the UK

In any busy healthcare establishment or hospital patient care is paramount. And part of the 'patient care' puzzle is how to improve the patient experience; patients are often under extreme pressure with personal health matters at the forefront of their minds. Allow patients to visit the cafe or garden or the chapel; but without a patient call system it can be almost impossible to successfully manage. Our solutions improve patient flow.

Our CS Series of patient pagers are designed to offer a complete solution for these exact needs.

CS series pager solutions and what is different

With every regular patient paging system there is a major flaw. If you were to give an ordinary pager to a patient and later call them back there is absolutely no way of knowing if the patient ever received the message... those type of solutions are near enough useless and can be more of a hindrance than a help.


We introduce the CS series of patient recall systems. These patient pagers are completely different than anything else before and create a sea change in paging technology.
The CS7 Pro for example has the ability to acknowledge a message it receives, you see its not just any old pager - its a transceiver.


Here's how it works...

Hand a CS7 to the patient and as you remove it from the charger it flashes... tell the patient that when it flashes to please return to you. The patient will probably visit other areas for relaxation. When its time to call the patient back press a button on the transceiver ant the patient is immediately messaged. If the CS7 receives the message it replies to the transmitter to confirm the recall. However here's where things are different... if the transmitter does not receive the 'acknowledgement' message back from the CS7 then the transmitter knows that the patient did not receive the recall message. In this case, the transmitter will continue to resend (with our tracking mode) until the CS7 receives the message and that is confirmed back to the transmitter. While it all sounds complex, in reality patients or operators could never have a better solution available to them. It makes every other patient paging system obsolete!

We know all about older paging systems for patients - we invented them back in 1993 and still hold the patents. Every other brand of patient pagers used features that we developed. But the good news is that these new CS series of pagers are also patented and not available from any other company. And our pricing for the CS series pagers is either similar to the old style pagers or substantially lower cost with our CS6 pager depending on your choice.

The CS Pager Series Top 12 Features!

Message Acknowledge

Extended Range

User Programmable

Digital Technology

Multi Coloured LEDs*

Digital Display

Most Powerful Battery

Stackable for Reduced Space

Custom Labels

3 Year Warranty

Robust Bumper Bar

CS6 Price lowest in the business with full warranty!

If you would like more information then please fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you presently. Also take a look at our 'special offers' on the new CS6 complete system for just £399.00 with CS6 pagers not available anywhere else.