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Perfect Bedside Nurse Call for Patients

Bedside Nurse Call System

Improve Patient Experience

One of the most important things relating to patients in any medical environment is that of communication to nursing staff when the patient is in bed. The problem gets even worse if the patient is located off ward and in a room by themselves. Everyone has heard the stories about patients not being able to contact a nurse with dire consequences later for the patient. No one wants to see that level of care in their hospital for sure. But how can you ensure that no matter what situation, that the patient can always contact a nurse or other member of staff easily and simply?

It is exactly why LRS UK has a number of solutions that are all low cost but highly effective for solving this important problem. See below.




Pronto: This very cost effective device has 6 programmable buttons that can be fully customised for any messages you might want to apply. The unit is small (less than 10cm across and is very unobtrusive - it can be mounted on a wall or other surface easily. This bedside nurse call unit can use 2 x AA batteries or mains connection for power. If batteries are running low then a pager is messaged to change the batteries, however the pronto enters 'sleep' mode when used sparingly which extends battery life considerably.

Pronto includes the LRS 'swipe' technology. If setup to call multiple nurses in a team, the first nurse to arrive simply swipes the pager over the pronto and another message is sent out telling other nurses that the patient has been attended to. Range is typically 150 Metres.



butler-ll-nurse call


Butler II: Our Butler II nurse call solution is similar to the pronto above, but has five buttons all fully programmable and is in a different form factor more suitable for some situations. It too can be wall mounted or even simply hand held. The unit is powered by either mains or battery. If the battery runs low a pager is messaged to replace the batteries, but battery life is extensive.

There is also a 'cancel' button on the side of this bed nurse call solution that can be used to cancel any message to other nurses when it is pressed by an attendant or nurse. Range is typically 150 metres.





Butler XP: Our most robust bedside nurse call unit. The XP is also completely waterproof. It can be wall mounted (with a mains kit) or hand held if necessary. Alternative power is by battery, but the unit can enter 'sleep' mode saving battery life considerably. As other units, if the battery runs low a pager is messaged advising battery change. The XP also has 'swipe' technology similar to our Pronto unit above and used in the same way to cancel a call as necessary.

Optionally we have a two button XP which can be programmed for whatever messaging you might need. Range on this unit is up to 250 Metres and for a nurse call system this will easily meet most needs or requirements.



Each of these solutions for bed assistance are tried and tested worldwide in many sectors. Improving the safety of patients while in the care of the hospital or healthcare center is paramount to the patient experience and these bedside nurse call systems will ensure that no patient is left unattended and could even save lives. Our solutions work with a number of pagers that are discreet, unobtrusive and are cost effective which is critical in healthcare these days.

Why are our bedside nurse call solutions different?

  • Robust design
  • Repage until answered
  • Cancel staff alert
  • 3 year warranty
  • Trial of equipment
  • Patented design

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