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Staff Attack System Available For All

Medical Staff Paging Systems

Increase Nurse & Doctor Communications

Within any hospital it is crucial that doctors and nurses have great communications while dealing with patients. The medical staff paging system allows that to happen discreetly. With this professional medical technology we are able to help you to boost your communication between staff within the hospital. Effective  communications between staff increase efficiency and productivity. With shortages of nurses and doctors at this time there is no better solution to maximise staff to their full potential which will undoubtedly increase the quality of the patients experience.

Of course all of these solutions are extremely useful if there is a staff-attack & protection in the hospital or healthcare center and they can literally save lives.


We manufacture a number of pagers suitable for nurse, doctor or consultants communication. And our discreet transmitters are low cost and high quality products that can be completely customised for your exact needs and messaging requirements.

For example, our consultant call transmitter has six buttons that can be customised with specific messages so that the respondent can already be aware of what the call is about and can be fully prepared. The solution can also be used with a team of nurses.

Here's how it works:

All team members have a pager. When the consultant or doctor presses a button with a specific message, all nurses in the team receive the message. The first nurse that attends uses our 'swipe' technology that sends out a second message to all other team members to indicate that the call has been handled. This is an incredible time saver and is already used this way throughout the United Kingdom.

Of course this is not the only solution available from us for recalling nurses or doctors. Other solutions include higher powered transmitters that can message an individual, a group or everyone.



Other types of pagers are also available without a display that are more robust for staff that have a more physical job areas of the hospital. Advantages of this type of messaging pager include a 'Lexan' case specifically designed to withstand substantial damage through impact. This 'SP4' pager has been available since 1993 and is tried and tested through out a substantial umber of sectors of business.




On-Site Range of our Solutions

We have supplied many very large hospitals with our nurse call and consultant call solutions and where necessary we can extend the range of the system by using signal boost repeaters. These units are not limited in numbers and you can use as many as necessary to obtain the necessary range you need. Typically in a 1/2 mile hospital for full coverage we used four repeaters recently. This will change because of buildings and how they are made but it is a good indicator of extended range equipment.


Great Warranty

LRS UK offers a three year warranty on all paging equipment. In fact we offer a longer warranty than any other paging company in the UK and best of all the support is from our UK offices so that you will receive manufacturer quality service which is probably the best service available should you experience any issues.


Free Trial

We supply the NHS and other Hospitals and Healthcare establishments throughout the UK all the time. Did you know we can offer a 14 day free trial so that you can check the equipment out on your site to ensure it works for you?

Simply contact us on 01782 537000 and we can help or fill out our online contact form.