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Staff or Patient Paging from any Computer Screen

Network Paging System

For Staff and patient Communication in Healthcare

There is no doubt that communication between staff and patients or from nurse to nurse is critical to the efficient and productive operation of any hospital or healthcare organisation. But often its one of the most difficult areas of operation to improve. The LRS Netpage Unlimited is a communication solution that can revolutionize communications between people. We have all heard of the stories of one 'problem' or another escalating until someone suffers from not being attended to and maybe even death. Communications is the key to solving many of the day to day issues and can enhance the efficiency of the staff, reduce wait times, increase patient flow and improve that all important patient experience.

Furthermore the NPU solution is an excellent solution where there is a possibility of staff attack by patients or others. We are able to integrate particular emergency push buttons so that staff can work in a safe environment at all times. The system can notify an individual, a group or even everyone.



Netpage Unlimited (NPU) can operate on a stand alone widows PC or over a computer network (Microsoft) with any number of computers. The application is used through a browser so there is no installation on user computers to consider.

It is possible to message any or all staff for individual, group or everyone (in emergencies for example) simply. And patient flow and queue management makes patient handling and recall easy.

Extended features include SMS text messaging either staff or patients if they are off site as simply as one button press if necessary.


Unique Hospital Network Paging

The LRS NPU networking paging solution offers unprecedented communications for hospitals because of the flexibility built right in to the design. Full coverage (even over many buildings) is assured because of the patented technology used. SMS and emails are also supported. Installation only requires one 'master' pc and a driver for other pc's on the network so there is very little IT involvement. Client pc's use the browser to operate and users are only given rights to what they are allowed to use - i.e. breast clinic only uses breast clinic features.


The 'family' transmitter solution is probably new to most readers but it is a feature that can reduce page times dramatically. Regular competitive systems can result in a message taking up to 20 seconds (sometimes more) because of the continued use of repeaters in their solutions. With the LRS  'family' of transmitters we can reduce that down to as little as 2 seconds from transmit time. There are many other features and benefits of this product - so much so that we developed another website purely for the benefit of customers who want a more in depth view of the Netpage unlimited system from LRS.


Standard Features:

  • Global Groups - page any administrator generated group or department; these groups are available to every user all of the time
  • My Groups - Personal Groups can be set up by users to page a group of up to 5 other people
  • Global Alarms - administrative defined group or departments can receive an alert at once
  • My Alarms - send personal reminders as a user defined alert
  • Paging Families - maximise efficiency by grouping one or more transmit controllers together for completely interference free transmission of the paging signal
  • On Premise or off Premise Status Settings - shows user status based on location inside or outside the building
  • Administrator Reporting - System Administrator has access to all user logins, status, and messaging history
  • Receptionist Module - update employees on premise or off premise status
  • Auto on or off - the system automatically turns pagers on and off at specific times each day to increase battery life by up to 50% against other paging systems
  • Quick Search - locate employees from the system directory quickly with predictive text if required
  • Full Scalability - add local and global users as the company expands - unlimited expandability
  • Push Button Alerts - users or customers or patients can page staff members at the touch of a button
  • Compatible with ALL LRS pagers including the new CS series of patient pagers for hospitals

Optional Add-ons

  • Patient waitlist - allows the use of waitlists that can be shared by multiple users for patient paging. Staff can add patients to waitlists as well as page patients to return for appointments on time
  • SMS Text Messaging - can automatically send SMS text messages to staff who are out of the office
  • Email Alert Messages - Receive an email copy of the NPU messages
  • Please note that additional fees may apply to optional add-ons.
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