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FAQs About Hospital Paging

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the more common FAQs questions we get asked by healthcare and hospitals about hospital paging.

General questions
No problem. We have a signal boost repeater that can 'daisy chain' the signal for as far as you might need it. In open air that's as far as two miles, but is reduced indoors. Alternatively look at our PC Paging System that works over your network.
Certainly. In fact we can handle up to 49 separate staff paging systems and 49 patient paging systems all working completely independently on one site if you need that sort of volume or design. Those very systems can operate as one very large system also simply by changing the setup. We set up everything for you for free so its simple to just press a button to call someone via a pager whether patient or staff member. Of course, we can also integrate everything in one or two systems for the entire hospital.
Our Transmitters are typically up to 2 watts output; that is the UK's legal maximum for on-site paging systems and it covers approximately 2 miles in open air; but when placed in a building the range will reduce dependent on the building age and design. However out signal boost repeaters can extend range considerably.
Firstly because we are the office of a manufacturer. Every other supplier is typically a distributor or 'middle man'. Competitors are only capable of solving certain simple errors and anything that might require extensive manufacturers knowledge (such as rewriting flash memory code) is beyond their ability - they become dependent on their supplier - we don't. Buying from a manufacturer direct as in our case will give you a better price, quality and better support. Guaranteed!
Of course we do. Any company supplying the NHS as we do has to accept bona-fide orders from NHS and private hospitals. And what's more you get an automatic account.
We operate a 14 day free trial for hospitals whether NHS or otherwise.