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As the leader in healthcare paging systems throughout the UK in hospitals and healthcare establishments we know we can help you to improve your communications today directly. With our new CS series of patient paging systems that render all other systems obsolete you can actually afford two systems from us for the price of one elsewhere.

Please note that on this website we are offering very specific deals for customers. Whether you are a large healthcare operation or smaller enterprise we can help you with all of your communication needs. We dont always show every product on targeted websites like this one and we have a large portfolio of products that we know can help.

Our two-way radios are one example. For estates these leading brand walkie talkies can cover up to eight miles range. Whether you use unlicensed of licensed radios we can help you choose the right models for you from our massive choices available.

Please note that radios come with a one year warranty unless specified differently by the manufacturer.

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