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Long Range Systems UK Ltd is the United Kingdom office of LRS Dallas, Texas, USA.

LRS invented the patient and customer pager back in 1993. But LRS did not stop there. Continued innovation in the communications sector has kept LRS at the top of the tree and the company has expanded with many external offices to the USA headquarters. LRS UK (this site among others) operates this website as part of the complete portfolio of professional hospital and healthcare  products available today. Our patient pagers have been copied more than any other pager in the world and those copies are very inferior compared to the LRS products.

The UK office was opened in January 2001 and we have continued to grow in the United Kingdom ever since selling products and solutions for over 15 sectors of business. The company today (in the UK) employs around 12-14 staff with factory trained engineers, professional sales employees and a management team that has continued to operate and grow the company very successfully. That's all good news for customers.

We put our success down to the fact that we really do look after customers after the sale, and not just 'for the sale' as many other companies seem to do these days.

You will find LRS UK in at least ten sectors of business, and while we came from hospitality originally, today we supply so many more sectors of business including restaurants, opticians, healthcare, casino's, retail, logistics and many more. Our experience in supplying companies like Amazon for their own internal use is extensive and of course NHS and private hospitals are throughout the UK that we have successfully supplied.

We take pride in ensuring our customers obtain the highest level of support, no matter how simple or complex a problem and of course we have the ability to integrate our equipment in to many types of equipment that customers use. We can even supply the 'API' codes and other information to help any partner.

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